Tuesday, February 7, 2017

DEPESEBLO - Nightmare Desolation review

DEPESEBLO - Nightmare Desolation

Selfmadegod Records

I guess you could call this a package deal as in review one get the second sent in for review too. I just reviewed the new THOSE WHO BRING THE TORTURE release which guitarist Dennis Blomberg is in. So here is his solo project and this was definitely interesting although maybe not in such a good way. Then again do you like AMON AMARTH or IN FLAMES? Well this is about as close to a tribute act as you can get. 

Now I'll take the AMON AMARTH part because I am a fan and there's a couple of cuts on here that would've easily made it onto their early releases. The IN FLAMES influence is less pronounced but ya know we're talking Swedish melodic death metal here so if you've been around for a while you can spot it. Plus what's with the song "On The Edge Of Insanity"? Is that a dead giveaway or what? I will say I liked this better than THOSE WHO BRING THE TORTURE. There's eight cuts on here, all decent for those of you who still need your melodic death metal fix.

Rating: 3/5



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