Monday, February 13, 2017

DOPELORD - Children Of The Haze review

DOPELORD - Children Of The Haze

Green Plague Records

First off I'll give these guys props for their song "Scum Priest". That's what I use to call myself whenever I donned my pope's hat (which can be viewed if you scroll down on this site and look to the right). Now with that said I know there are going to be people out their who will bash this Polish four piece for their obvious influence (as in the first three cuts on here) from first wave SABBATH worshipers SLEEP and ELECTRIC WIZARD. Fine but lets think about that for a second. ELECTRIC WIZARD hasn't done anything exciting in years and SLEEP, come on people haven't we've all fallen asleep to their past material enough.

So yeah this third full length by these Polish stoners is a down tuned bong head's dream. It's slow and heavy, like your hipster girlfriend, for the first couple of cuts. But then breaks from the pattern and goes completely psychedelic with the trip out interlude "Skulls and Candles". It's the type of break you need on an album like this. I'd also cite "Dead Inside (I&II)" which combines the pure syrupy grooves with psych out guitar soloing with the second part being all out hard fuckin rock. Real guy clean vocals throughout to boot.

Hey look I'm sure your first wave stoner rock sect will thumb their jaded noses at this but hey listen up. My head was thoroughly banged out by 1979 after having Master of Reality on continuous play for years. If I can appreciate this so should you.

Rating: 5/5

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