Wednesday, February 1, 2017

HORN - Turm am Hang review

HORN - Turm am Hang

Northern Silence Productions

Nerrath, the one man workaholic behind HORN with a sack of past releases to show for it, is back with this his seventh full length. As usual this is folk inspired blackened something or other and I should be drinking a beer while listening to it. Seriously HORN is sorta like Finland's KORPIKLAANI in that the music is upbeat folk metal albeit with the obvious Germanic flare. I might wanna play this during Oktoberfest just for kicks.

For a one man act Nerrath is a talented musician, songwriter and ah, vocalist? I'll leave that latter one alone. I mean he sings in gruff German. As for the rest of it yeah usually within this genre it takes a full band to pull off what this one guy does for fun. This is melodic and rousing for the most part. There's a couple traditional metal headbanging moments as well as folk inspired meloncholy towards the end of the release. The last cut Nerrath even breaks into clean singing. I thought I was listening to FOLKEARTH for a second. All in all another decent release from Nerrath.

Rating: 4.5

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