Wednesday, February 15, 2017

MORTA SKULD - Wounds Deeper Than Time review

MORTA SKULD - Wounds Deeper Than Time

Peaceville Records 

So what we have here is MORTA SKULD's long awaited comeback album. OK I'm cool with the idea of this being a comeback because of the following. Many years ago MORTA SKULD were one of the best death metal acts that banged their way out of the American midwest and their hometown of Milwaukee in the early 90s. Remember that decades ago the Milwaukee Metalfest was the biggest thing around as far as extreme music fests go and MORTA SKULD were hometown heroes. The band had two good early albums, their debut Dying Remains in 1993 and the follow up As Humanity Fades in 1994. I've got them, you reading this have them too but what followed was a not as good or what should have been. So the best we can come up with here is that the band, aka: Dave Gregor - vocals and guitars and the new guys, have created an album that they hope is worthy enough. 

So is it? Well if you're an old fan than you know that MORTA SKULD had two speeds, mid-paced and deathly slow. All of that hasn't changed. “Breathe in the Black” is a good starter for a welcome home to the DM party. But then the album falls into that rut which a lot of DM acts from the past are doing. I call it Death Metal 101 and it's generic sounding. JUNGLE ROT does it and the past couple of OBITUARY releases follow suit. It's like the band is handicapped to break out. There's a couple of cool songs like "Hating Life", "Devour the Chaos" and the title track where you are just waiting for death metal fight to break out and it ends up being nothing to see here, move along. 

Look I'm bias OK, I like this release but I have to be honest. I was expecting the new blood Dave Gregor got with him would bring in the old with a new sense of urgency. Hell GRAVE has had a new lease on life for quite a few years now. So yeah I was hoping the same for MORTA SKULD. Unfortunately it's gonna sit next to a bunch of JUNGLE ROT releases on That Shelf.

Rating: 2/5

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