Sunday, February 5, 2017

MUTILATOR - Immortal Force (Re-issue) review

MUTILATOR - Immortal Force (Reissue)

Greyhaze Records

Ya know I kinda thought with all the renewed interest in South American black metal bands of the past (aka: SARCOFAGO, VULCANO, MYSTIFIER) some years ago it wouldn't be long before people would be looking for the thrash as well. Ah yeah well it actually did take some time but thankfully now it's widely available. 

A big thank you goes out to Greyhaze Records for this Immortal Force reissue. This is/was MUTILATOR's debut full length from 1987 which  was originally released by Brazil's Cogumelo Records. For those of you out there thinking "oh yeah I got the original", check again because this release was bootlegged and sold as original before.

Now the main reason you should get this other than the obvious (ah yeah it's good) is that  the album has been given the Greyhaze treatment. We're talking about this thing being faithfully restored to it's original state. No cheapo bootleg treatment here. Also the audio has been remastered. Oh yeah you get a fuckin poster too. So is that good enough for ya? 

MUTILATOR were dirty, angry, almost blackened thrash from Brazil who only put out two full lengths before calling it quits. Personally I think it stood up to what their peers in the US were doing as well as the test of time.

Rating: 5/5

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