Wednesday, February 15, 2017

PESTIFER - Execration Diatribes review

PESTIFER - Execration Diatribes

Lavadome productions

This is the debut full length from Portuguese death metal act PESTIFER. Ya know whenever I think of Portugal I'm reminded of this guy I knew in the military. He was a short Portagee fellow, kinda weird because he had this obsession with little girls. He use to carry this pocket knife and sharpen it constantly. If we were lucky enough to get fresh fruit, like apples or pears, for chow he would pull out his knife and cut slices of the fruit and eat em like that. He then tell us tales of his youth growing up poor in Portugal. How he would stab other kids just to steal their fruit.

Anyways one day he got into an argument with another guy and then threatened to stab him. It was broken up and all was peaceful we thought. The next morning we found the little Portagee in his hooch dead with his knife in his chest. Apparently the guy went to bed with his knife open and must've rolled over on it several times at least. We all thought that was a horrible way to go especially in a combat zone. So we dragged his body over to a nearby ditch and lobbed a few grenades into it. Sent him home like that with a letter telling his parents about him being a hero and saving his buddy's life. The fucker even got a medal out of it.

But anyways I digress, so if we're to come away with anything as far as the death metal genre goes in 2017 I can say for certain that Execration Diatribes will be considered one of the year's best. Just for the record PESTIFER is Latin (a dead language, you might've heard of it) for Plaguebringer. Well fuck if that doesn't describe this band to a hilt. This is (after a short intro) punishing from beginning to end and not repetitive in any way. This is a homage to old school US death metal aka: MORBID ANGEL and DEATH but of course these guys navigate their own touches in. The band cover the DM bases as in thick crunchy riffs, acid tinged solos, the driving maniacal drumming and the vocals as if they conjured up some demonic presence to handle the mic duties. 

Actually PESTIFER is a trio with three out of the four previously mentioned duties done by guitarist/vocalist Pedro Silva. The rest of the band consists of Diogo Pereira on drums and the guy who somehow holds the rhythm down and yet breaks spines with tempo changes, bassist Jorge Marinho. This is the type of release you send to your enemies with a letter stating "Here's the soundtrack of what I'm going to do to you and your whole fuckin family." Hell they're all be on a plane the next day headed to some place safe like Syria.

Rating: 5/5

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