Tuesday, February 7, 2017

PRAY U PREY - Figure The 8 review

PRAY U PREY - Figure The 8

Selfmadegod Records

Here's another super-group of sorts, more like a bunch of friends getting together to play some decent grind, death metal and hardcore. You've got a couple of guys from ALEHAMMER and SUICIDE WATCH, both UK bands known for their speedy aesthetics in extreme metal. Well using the term "known" might be an over statement since both have been on the shelf of late. Maybe they just want to put some effort into this band after all of the success they've garnered with past projects. 

This is PRAY U PREY's debut full length but they did put out a demo in 2015 titled Black Light Of Time. Since it was in such high demand the boys decided to remix those cuts and tack em on the back of this one. Now if you notice a hint of sarcasm in my words there's good reason for it. Here you have some scene vets whose past efforts were lackluster so they get together and say "Hey lets play some stuff from twenty five years ago just for kicks." Yes this does sound like something from a quarter century ago and ya know what, it's pretty fuckin good. 

This release is full on 90's inspired death grind with some hardcore thrown in for shits and giggles. To shrug this off as merely being retro is ridiculous. This is not a New Wave of Traditional Death Grind revival. These guys are just playing the music they grew up with in the English extreme music scene. It actually sounds like a long lost demo. I can forgive them for their borrowing from the NAPALM DEATH template since Barney and Co. have been re-recording the same album for eight years now. So if you're in the mood for some nostalgia then here you go. I fuckin love this album.

Rating: 5/5



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