Tuesday, February 7, 2017

RADIEN - Maa review


Bunkkeri Records

What YOB did with three people this Finnish band does with five. That's not a slight against them since this two song EP is actually gargantuan in sound and that might be putting it mildly. RADIEN hail from Helsinki, Finland which could be a doomy place on occasion. Hey it's a great country but you've got the states beat in alcoholism. That's just what I've been told so don't kill the messenger. 

But getting back to this release, it's two long songs of crushing doom. Like watching a Brontosaurus, if there were any Brontosauruses alive, fuck another one. We're talking slow and heavy. Whenever this band decides to put out a full length it will take two days to listen to it. We are talking repetitive riffage with some screamed vocals added upon request which is not in demand on here.  

Be that as it may, RADIEN know how to drag out the riff atmosphere to the point where they've already beaten you to a pulp and now it's personal. So they just keep leveling ya. On the other side of the doom coin is that it does get boring at times especially with the repetitive riffage. I mean dudes ya got a twelve plus minute song. The first half is heavy, outstanding and I feel like I need a breather. The latter half is a bathroom break. But in the end I am totally impressed and beaten down. Let's hear that future four song full length next that will shake the planet out of it's orbit.

Rating: 4/5



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