Tuesday, February 28, 2017

RESONANCE CASCADE / JARNBORD - Hyperakusi split release review

RESONANCE CASCADE / JARNBORD - Hyperakusi split release

Wooaaargh / Downfall Records

Everyone loves a good grindcore split release right? Well I know a few who do but as for me it better be fuckin good. I have my own criteria for what I call good grindcore. For one thing the vocalist must sound like a complete nutjob. I want to imagine he or she sees demons. I wanna imagine that after their performance they have to be heavily sedated or locked up until next time. Musically I don't wanna be preached to by someone with no life experience and third I want fuckin grinding fuckin metal. I'll take variation as long as it ain't metal core. 

Well ain't I the lucky fuck here with this split between two Swedish bands, RESONANCE CASCADE and JARNBORD. So this is a collaboration between the record labels WOOAAARGH and DOWNFALL RECORDS. Also the title  "Hyperakusi" is Swedish for hypersensitivity to everyday sounds. OK that fits right in here with these two bands. The first one RESONANCE CASCADE fits into my not so humble opinion of what grindcore 2017 should sound like. Just like I have said earlier, RESONANCE CASCADE fit that idea perfectly. Obviously should be a better description since the band members are veterans of the extreme metal scene for years. RESONANCE CASCADE even put out a 10 song 7” EP via the American label Cricket Cemetery back in 2014. They contribute 9 great songs on here that you won't forget.

On the other side of the coin we've got JARNBORD who's contribution on here is six cuts which actually sounds like 80's era hardcore. I'm sure they've listened to a few ANTI CIMEX or MOB 47 releases. This kinda sounds like an old tape from that era. Of the two bands I'd say RESONANCE CASCADE wins out. 
Rating: 4/5



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