Saturday, February 18, 2017

SARGATANAS - The Enlightenment (reissue) review

SARGATANAS - The Enlightenment (reissue)

Old Temple

If you are a regular reader of SFM666, and frankly who isn't, then you know I like talking about and promoting reissues by bands who never got their due during their heyday. I mean there are two types of reissues out there for metal public consumption. There are ones which are already widely available prior to being reissued that labels are just trying to make a few bucks on. And then there are reissues like this which are purely for the fans without all the bells and whistles, extra tracks, rehearsal demos or extra live DVDs. 

This one here is a new one for me and unless you're an old school metalhead from Mexico than it's new to you also. There are a few bands out there named SARGATANAS, this is the old one from Mexico. Their 1996 release, The Enlightenment, was one of the more important releases of that scene back in the day. Now after over two decades it's been reissued on CD without any undue or unnecessary upgrades. I mean why would you fuck with an evil sounding death cult of death/doom?

While I listen to this gem it's easy for me to push aside what has come afterwards and bask my mind into what was and is damm good. You have more than an hour's worth of satanic glorification in it's down-tuned glory. I fuckin love it. In fact listening to this, fully knowing that these guys were true to form, makes me question and wonder of the genuine integrity of many modern provocateurs in this genre. Yeah the production is lacking in giving the trudging riffs their due. Plus what solos there are seem poor to that extent. But anyways you get twelve death/doom metal cuts that fill you with the dread you crave.

Rating: 5/5

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