Sunday, February 5, 2017

THE MIST - Phantasmagoria (Reissue) review

THE MIST - Phantasmagoria (Reissue)

Greyhaze Records

Here we have another decent reissue of classic 1980's Brazilian thrash. This is THE MIST's debut full length from 1989. Now where as MUTILATOR's debut full length could easily fit into any honest thrash fan's all time top 10 Thrash releases (OK maybe top 20). THE MIST were, in my not so humble opinion, a tier lower. I think it's because they sound close to the second tier thrash which came out here in the states. Also I think the band's vocalist at that time, Vladmir Korg (who also sang for the band CHAKAL), had a caustic tone to em. It's almost like a vocalist for a late 80's hardcore band. Also the band's sound on a few songs really walked a thin line between between thrash and hardcore. I mean they've always reminded me of a Brazilian version of DRI. 

If that peaks your interest, and it should, Greyhaze has re-issued this gem and given it a fuckin proper worldwide release. So yeah you can get your filthy collector scum hands on this release on CD or LP. You anal hipsters can even get it on cassette. Now hey for those of you with deep pockets not only should you order this and the MUTILATOR re-issue but you should pony up and also pick up the re-issue of SEX TRASH's Sexual Carnage LP. Now that's an extreme three-some.

Rating: 5/5

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