Sunday, February 5, 2017

THOSE WHO BRING THE TORTURE - Necromancer review


Selfmadegod Records

I have this aversion to bands with too many words in their names. They almost always turn out to be some type of 'core' act which makes me want to wretch. Seriously one time I actually choked on my coffee listening to some band with four or five words in their name. I'm pretty sure it was that I WRESTLED A BEAR ONCE band. Their release came in for review years ago. What a horrible band, didn't they all die in a fiery crash? 

Which brings us to this one here, THOSE WHO BRING THE TORTURE. Wow what a segue that was. This band's from Sweden, are death metal and have actually been around for quite a while. They released their self titled debut ten fuckin years ago. This is their fifth full length. Look I'm not gonna be a wanna-be know it all douche bag and think wow how did this band escape my death metal radar. Chances are you wouldn't know either. But after seeing who is in this band then the fog starts to lift. 

Does the name Rogga Johansson ring a bell? OK probably not but he's also in the death metal super-group THE GROTESQUERY. If that doesn't do it for ya then how bout PAGANIZER? Yeah I know, we all have a copy of Scandinavian Warmachine and if ya don't then get it. But onto this, Rogga (vocals/guitars) and his two cohorts (Dennis Blomberg - lead guitar and Brynjar Helgetun - drums) are basically going through the melodic death motions on here. The first couple of cuts were like mediocre moments of mid-period era GRAVE. In fact the promo info about this cites GRAVE, HYPOCRISY and MALEVOLENT CREATION as relative to what you'll find on here. Yeah on their bad days.

Of course there are some decent fast paced moments on here like "Relics Of A Future Past", "The Morons Are Running The Asylum" and the final cut "Humanity Has Left The Building". Unfortunately a couple of decent songs doesn't cut it. I can appreciate and respect Rogga Johansson for his creativity and dedication to his craft. But you know whenever you spread yourself out so thin you're gonna get overlap as well as boring. 

Rating: 2/5

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