Monday, February 13, 2017

WARSEID - A New Land To Find review

WARSEID - A New Land To Find

Soundage Productions

Blackened Folk Metal from the US? Yeah as a fan of such music over the years I do not see a legacy involved here as opposed to European bands which do. Then again I've heard bands from the Mediterranean and the Andes Mountains area who are into this genre so there you go. At least it's not pirate themed metal from Canada. I gotta say that this Madison, Wisconsin three piece definitely nails it on their debut full length. 

The band blends symphonic black metal (Shagrath-like vocals included) with folk metal. Basically harsh and grandiose tones, similar to DIMMU BORGIR mid-period works, are joined with the calmer atmospherics. The seven cuts on here all have a Nordic theme going for em. The symphonic elements are from synthesized orchestration but damm you wish it wasn't. One of the more cooler aspects is the clean guitar soloing lines that cut through ya like a Winter breeze. Then there's the clean vocal add ons, yeah someone has heard some VINTERSORG. 

Obviously I'm dancing around the obvious fact that this is a superb release and dammit if it doesn't sound like it's from Norway, yeah Bergen. That's not a slight against them of course. Well the cover art does look like something from WINDIR. The bottom line is that good music is universal. I'm always coming across old school fucks (younger than me believe it or not) who opine about how they want their favorite blackened bands to return to their old ways. Well that ain't gonna happen there people. So while you're in the midst of your blackened bereavement maybe you should check out a new band that is doing exactly what you want. Nuff Said.

Rating: 5/5

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