Thursday, March 30, 2017

ALASTOR - Black Magic review

ALASTOR - Black Magic

Twin Earth Records

On this band's Bandcamp page there's a comment saying "for fans of ELECTRIC WIZARD and WINDHAND." So I was thinking well that's not very nice. Seriously are we talking about the cool early era of ELECTRIC WIZARD or the latter repetitive boring era of ELECTRIC WIZARD because there is a difference. As far as the WINDHAND reference well They put out a great debut unfortunately they keep repeating it over and over and over and over again.

OK I'm done with that point but here we have this four piece act from Sweden who don't want to reveal themselves to the public. Hmmm, should've thought about that before you put your band photo on Facebook. But anyways this debut EP of there's does till the same row as the above mentioned bands. It's stoner riff-centric almost to the point of being a "jam band". There's three cuts on here, two of which are over the ten minute mark and the short format release works for them because they are cool songs. 

There's a lot of cool things going on within these three cuts that a typical bong head (yeah you had to buy it as a "water pipe", LOL!) will overlook because they're stoned out of their gourd. First off the lead guitar work is fantastic. All hail the Voxx wah wah pedal. Secondly the vocals being held back in the mix to give em an airy mystical feel.  This is Occult Psych Stoner Rock by the way. Finally the catchiest tune on here, "Nothing to Fear".

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