Saturday, March 25, 2017

COLDBORN - Lingering Voidwards review

COLDBORN - Lingering Voidwards

Final Sacrifice Records

Wow, three quarters of an hour's worth of cold atmospheric black metal from Belgium in the middle of March. Thank you, I was getting a little tired of hearing Irish music for the past two weeks. (Please note I work at an Irish Pub/Restaurant.) Let me also add that while I wait for the new NIGHTBRINGER release to come out in April, this is kinda cool. Let me explain, COLDBORN is a one man project by a guy named Norgaath who also plays bass for NIGHTBRINGER live. Well he did and who knows what's up with that gig but there's the connection/name dropping saga. 

As far as this release goes it's not so solo since Norgaath also has a few guests like Menthor of ENTHRONED and NIGHTBRINGER fame on drums. He's also got A. Krieg of DARKMOON WARRIOR and Nocturus Horrendus of CORPUS CHRISTII (great fuckin band) as guest vocalists. It must be nice to have friends like that. Musically it's five long cuts of basic atmospheric black metal. That's not a bad thing in my not so humble opinion. Midway through the song "In the Absence of Light, Death Gazes" there's a slowly tremolo picked riff (ala IMMORTAL) that's so inviting and shall I say psych that it carries you into a very cool late night realm. By the way it's around 1:30 AM. The cavernous vocals help out as well.

Other cuts of interest are the title cut which is about as epic and majestic as a depressive cut could be. Then there's "Withered" which starts out like a black metal version of the STOOGES'. It's the riffs there people. Albeit still in a body of grimness which the cold icy following riffs accelerate towards and a melodic interlude that follows. Hey like I said, it's basic but comforting especially late at night. I wouldn't be surprised if Moribund Records re-releases this later this year.

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