Thursday, March 2, 2017

DEAD WITCHES - Ouija review


Heavy Psych Sounds

Usually when I'm checking out some unknown band I just play the music and do something without reading a word of their bio. I like the surprise if it's good that is. After an intro consisting of the sounds of a rainstorm (hello SABBATH) plus some Hammond organ and guitar torturing the actual opening cut "Dead" commences. First thoughts, alright it's like ELECTRIC WIZARD with a female singer also more occult psych, less bong worship. Hell if that wasn't spot on. 

DEAD WITCHES is the latest project from Mark Greening former drummer for RAMESSES and ELECTRIC WIZARD. The female vocalist is Virginia Monti who also fronts the Italian band PSYCHEDELIC WITCHCRAFT (recommended if you're also into 70's style occult themed rock). The band is rounded out by Carl Geary on bass and Greg Elk on guitar. The unfortunately sad thing is that Greg Elk passed away last year. It's one thing to speak ill of the dead which I've never had a problem with. On the other hand and in this case the guy did a great job on here so there's praise he'll never know about.

Ouija is just a damm great album of thick lava lamp goo riffs, hypnotic leads, a rumbling rhythm section and Virginia Monti's gutsy yet bluesy vocals. The first true cut "Dead" is a slow burner but on the follow-up "Drawing Down the Moon" the band picks up some speed to rock out with Monti's vocals coming across more feral. The latter two cuts " “Mind Funeral” and "A World of Darkness" really bring out the heavy with Geary's bass making way like a behemoth. 

Like I said this is a great album but with Elk's passing and Monti's day job in PSYCHEDELIC WITCHCRAFT, who have a new album coming out this year, one wonders if the magic will continue on. I was just outside taking a smoke break on the back deck enjoying the warm evening before the coming storm forecasted later tonight. I was pondering just that when I spotted a bat flying around, feeding actually on the gnats. I wonder was that a sign?

Rating: 5/5

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