Thursday, March 30, 2017

FOETAL JUICE - Masters of Absurdity review

FOETAL JUICE - Masters of Absurdity

Grindscene Records

At first I was going to pass on writing about this one but this band is so campy that I couldn't leave it alone. FOETAL JUICE hail from England and have been around since 2007. Over all of that time they've been purveyors of the short form release (aka: EPs, Splits and Singles). I've never heard anything by em before but now I'm curious about their Big Trouble in Little Vagina EP from 2013 and their Albert Grindstein single a year afterwards. 

Musically this their first full length is a mixed bag of death metal, death & roll, grind and groove metal. Toss in a whole lot of camp plus brutality, duel vocals (one acid tinged the other growls) and decent musicianship as far as the genre's old school standards go. Yeah I know this has been done before but in the death metal genre it just sounds so much better because the thrash denizons sound too pathetic.

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