Saturday, March 25, 2017

MIDNIGHT - Shox of Violence review

MIDNIGHT - Shox of Violence

Hell's Headbangers Records

Not one but two VENOM covers? What is it, my birthday? Actually it was when this landed on me. Shox of Violence is the latest compilation by Cleveland's favorite punk/metal hybrid act MIDNIGHT. Yes it is a compilation (Complete and Total MIDNIGHT three?) containing the four tracks from last years Shox of Violence 12"er for starters and follows up with tracks from splits, a bunch of covers (GIRLSCHOOL, PAGANS, THE SPITS, SCARAB, CRUCIFIXION, TAIPAN, MISTREATER and QUIET RIOT plus the earlier mentioned VENOM and an uncredited cover of the SONICS) and some kinda funny live tracks and demos. 

This is a collection suited for long time fans of the band of which I am. Also for people who don't/can't buy every short format release the band puts out because we know sooner or later it'll be on a CD comp. So as far as highlights go; "Sadist Sodomystic Seducer" an original track which appeared on a split MIDNIGHT did with Detroit's own sick bastards SHITFUCKER. I saw them together on that tour a while back. Then of course there's the VENOM covers, "Too Loud for the Crowd" which is from a Decibal magazine flexi and "In League With Satan". Add to that the uncredited cover of the SONICS' "The Witch" which is like the fortith cover version I've heard. 

Big surprise was four SPITS covers which come from MIDNIGHT's Slay the Spits 7"er from 2007. And speaking on punk fuckin rock there's the two PAGANS' covers, hometown heroes to MIDNIGHT. There's also the covers of TAIPAN and MISTREATER from the USA Violates Australia 2013 7"er. As far as the live tracks go, probably the best cut on here is their live version of "Unholy and Rotten" for only what ensues during the performance. I don't wanna give anything away. All in all another great must have comp by MIDNIGHT.

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