Saturday, March 25, 2017

MORDBRAND - Wilt review


Carnal Records

I came to know Sweden's MORDBRAND back before I went into blogger retirement with their Necropsychotic EP which came out on Deathgasm Records in 2011. At that time there were plenty of decent bands reviving the raw old sounds of the death metal genre's past. MORDBRAND sounded like they were not willing to just be another member of the new wave of old school Swedish death metal. That was proven in the summer of 2014 when Deathgasm released MORDBRAND's first full length, Imago. On that one, MORDBRAND gave the genre's proud design an upgrade without taking anything away from the traditional brutality. They just added some subtle tweaks and if you call that progressive or forward thinking I'll punch you in the face. I just call it modern death metal which should sound like death metal.

So of course with this new one my hopes of greatness were high. The opener "Bleed into Nought" starts out kinda melodic but then the song eventually rips into almost blackened territory ala MARDUK. This release definitely has a blackened death feel. Think DISMEMBER meets DISSECTION which bulldozes over you with thick riffs, powerful drumming and of course some of the best blood spitting vocals around. Plenty of melody meets devistation and it's just three guys who bring on the hate factor. Hands down one of the greatest releases of 2017.

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