Tuesday, March 7, 2017

VOIDTHRONE - Spiritual War Tactics review

VOIDTHRONE - Spiritual War Tactics

Self Released

Every once in a while, OK maybe once a month, I hear complaints about the black metal scene here in the states. There's too much experimentation, too much BURZUM worship, too much drone, too much post-this or that, too many hipsters. Alright I'll give ya that but the fact is the people complaining are just seeing what floats on the surface. If they actually dug deeper, as any really dedicated music fan would do, then they'd find the good stuff.

Case in point, here we have the debut full length release by VOIDTHRONE a four piece act who hail from Seattle, Washington. Don't let their home location throw you off the cliche cliff. This band takes the essence of what made early USBM unique amongst it's peers. They bring on the brutality and add copious amounts of disturbing dissonance most likely influenced by middle European contemporaries. The result is a four song release of blackened death and at times doom-ish. 

Calling their creative output on Spiritual War Tactics as songs is simplifying things. These are four complex compositions, three of which surpass the nine minute mark. Each one has a barrage of tempo diversions be they moments of creepy hypnotic atmospheres or fast flairs of crushing pain. The vocals bounce around from warlock shrieks to cavernous growls. All of which makes for a potent combination and a unique release especially for a fairly new band. If the wanna-be naysayers have a problem with this one then they should just go listen to Beyonce and go away.



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