Thursday, April 20, 2017

DESECRATE THE FAITH - Unholy Infestation review

DESECRATE THE FAITH - Unholy Infestation

Comatose Music

Ya know when you collect music over a long time you tend to become devoted fans of certain labels simply because you know they won't disappoint. That's the way I look at North Carolina's own Comatose Music. I became aware of em a while back since they're the label which released all of our local one man death metal band's material. That would be BLOODSOAKED for all of you unknowing. So it was through picking up BLOODSOAKED stuff that I wondered what else this label had. So I learned that Comatose are the purveyors of truly brutal music and who doesn't like it brutal?

Case in point, here's the latest release by Texas Death Metal merchants DESECRATE THE FAITH. This is their second full length and it's a tight package of brutality. While bands of this genre have been trying to tweak the template in order to be progressive and appealing to a broader audience (ie: hipsters suffering with ADD), DESECRATE THE FAITH are no frills, straight up brutal DM. It's like the time some friends suckered me into going to a fancy Mexican restaurant. What a fuckin nightmare that was. I don't give a rat's ass about the fine decor, the fancy plates and plating, the total lack of napkins and no hot sauce on the table. Look I just want a big plate of food to devour and screw anything else. That's why I go to another place which is family run, plenty of food, decent prices and no fuckin frills. Unholy Infestation is all that, a heaping plate of brutal lo-fi riffage, gutteral monster vocals and jackhammer drumming. Yeah now this is what I want from a band of this genre.

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