Thursday, April 20, 2017

DEVILISH ART - Temple of Desintegration review

DEVILISH ART - Temple of Desintegration

Self Released

Over the years the Ukraine has become a bastion of blackened greatness. Of course in the past it has had it's house hold names and infamous ones as far as black metal goes. But at least in the past ten years, as far as my inclination for hateful music goes, I've seen this great nation pump out more great left hand path bands that would rival their contemplates. I've written about Ukrainian bands for years and here's another one.

DEVILISH ART  are a two piece act (Gelidos on vocals and Wolfheart handling all the instruments). They hail from the Ukraine but sound wise this is second wave black metal circa Norway 1995. Just for the record Gelidos and Wolfheart are also in the blackened death band UNHOLY TRIUMPHANT. 

On this their second full length the duo treat you with very riff centric aggressive blackened death, mainly because of Gelidos' vocal style which consists of harsh vocals and bloody throat death like vocals. The guitars and drum work by Wolfheart are part melodic/part harsh pounding into creation. There's even a small but noticeable industrial element tossed in along with keys giving it all a grand subtle symphonic touch. 

One could say hey I've heard all of this before and yeah you would be correct. But those bands of the past are gone or have petered out. Here you have two guys creating what should have been. All of which sets right with the whole Ukrainian black metal scene.

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