Wednesday, April 12, 2017

ORDOXE - Towards Eternity review

ORDOXE - Towards Eternity 

Horror Pain Gore Death Productions

My boss was away this weekend which left me in charge, it happens. When I came in on Monday he asked how did things go? I told em well there were some highs and lows. Which is also the description I'd give to this new one by ORDOXE. Lets start with the lows shall we. The drum sound on here has that tin pot sound and the triggers are crickets on speed. OK maybe it's because former drummer, Steve De Cotret, switched over to full time vocals now and the band has newcomer Dominic Dupuis handling stick duties. Maybe there's another reasonable explanation but all I know is that sound-wise it's a downer.

Next up this is supposed to be black metal but it's really melodic death metal with some hits at the blackness. DISSECTION is not even closely related here. The shock point is that ORDOXE have been around for over a decade and they're from Quebec, a place that screams fantastic metal especially the blackened type as well as the tech death. OK so this band has had a conviluded career, hey join the crowd. I kinda figure that if you're on your sixth full length in eleven years then these little details should be handled.

With all of that said ORDOXE do have some cool things working for em. I like Steve De Cotret's angst infused vocals. It kinda sounds like he's pleading in front of a judge. Check out "Your Sorrow, My Sorrow", he's very harsh but not raspy. There's also backing death metal growl vocals provided by guitarist Jean-Fran├žois Jalbert. When they pair off like on "A Passage of Time" it makes for a cool effect. Follow that up with the guitar melodies being laid out. There's a cool fluid-ness part of the time and an aggressive thrash crunch which follows suit. Of course there's a fair amount of blast beating and low fi black metal feel throughout. The more times I play Towards Eternity the more I find to like about it, minus the drum sound of course.

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