Thursday, April 20, 2017

REBIRTH OF NEFAST - Tabernaculum review

REBIRTH OF NEFAST - Tabernaculum 

Norma Evangelium Diaboli

There are times when black metal can sound so beautiful as well as harsh and decadent. This Icelandic one man band by Wann, aka: Stephen Lockhart an ex-patriot from Ireland, is a prime example of blackened beauty in music. Albeit it's not perfect but I'll get around to that later. First off lets explain who the mastermind behind the music is. Wann by all observations is a busy man. He first released a demo under the name REBIRTH OF NEFAST back in 2006. He also recorded a split release with the Irish band SLIDHR a few years later but moved to Reykjavik, Iceland and has been silent until now as far as this project goes.

He did keep busy though by creating the Studio Emissary recording studio as well as founding the Oration Records label. If that ain't enough he managed to put on two metal festivals in Iceland. He’s also responsible for producing, mixing, and mastering a ton of other black metal acts, too many to name. Plus he has some other black metal band projects he performs with. So I can love this release, aka: his comeback, but still I have one complaint. The overall sound is muffled.

Tabernaculum is an exquisite piece of black metal and doom with gaping valleys of atmospheric passages. It's like flying map of the earth (that's an Airborne term) on a journey to the mountains of madness. Whether it's the opening fury shown on "The First Born of the Dead" which lays into magnificent intricate blackened doom or the sublime "Alignment Divine" which lays out a grandiose plain of harshness, folk laden and doom.

Yes this is an hour's worth of dark path treading but the sound quality still pisses me off. Was this recorded in an ice cave? There's just that cavernous feel to it which I cannot stand. A cleaner sound would prevail. Oh well.

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