Thursday, April 20, 2017

RIMTHURS - Gravskrift review

RIMTHURS - Gravskrift

Ketzer Records

This is the type of release where you just need to tune out every other distraction around you and concentrate on the music. What we have here is second wave black metal with folk inspired interludes, harmonious clean vocals for the most part with some harsh ones and chants as well. When the blastbeats do commence it reminds me of an industrial quality. The guitars have that transcendent melody feel to em, not punishing but free flowing. Listening to this I'm reminded of many bands from twenty years ago which is a good thing at least to me.

This is a Swedish one man project by a man named Ymer (aka: Tommy Holmer).  Gravskrift is his second full length which has been an exciting ride to say the least. Years ago it was this versatile style of black metal which redefined the genre and push aside the one dimensional vibe of early Scandinavian black metal. Ymer is not recycling old ideas in fact I hear him expanding the promise of old but staying on the blackened template. 

This is something I've been touting for years now. You can create a very artistic as well as compelling piece of black metal without having to go so far out of bounds that it doesn't sound like black metal anymore. Ymer has composed a masterpiece which enthusiests, like myself, will love.

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