Thursday, April 20, 2017

TERMINAL NATION - Absolute Control review

TERMINAL NATION - Absolute Control

Deep Six Records

So this band is from Little Rock, Arkansas. Ok it's hot there and I should know because I spent six months in Hot Springs doing work and that place sucked. I think chiggers are the state animal. With that said I can understand the angst and attitude being produced by this band at least from an environmental perspective. As far as their personal outlook on things well maybe not. 

Musically this sounds like 80's hardcore meets Scum era NAPALM DEATH. Seriously a song will start off sounding like VICIOUS CIRCLE for twenty seconds and then the band hits the grind button. Pick another 80's hardcore band then after a half a minute it's hit the grind button again. I think I heard the CIRCLE JERKS' "I Just Want Some Skank". This is done on a fairly regular basis and it's interesting for a little while. 

What usually happens to bands like this is that they give 110% of themselves during their short careers, burn out then the band members are left with the words "formally of" behind their names. Oh well look for TERMINAL NATION at the next house show, bring your own Pabst.

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