Thursday, April 6, 2017

VARIOUS ARTISTS - Dewar PR Winter Compilation review

VARIOUS ARTISTS -  Dewar PR Winter Compilation

Dewar PR

If I had a dollar for every comp I've bought over the past forty years I'd still be working my ass off today for a paycheck week after week because I spent too much money on comp LPs, CDs and cassette tapes. Hindsight sucks when you get older. Why didn't I buy two or three copies of those things? I could've sold em years later and put the money into an IRA. Who the fuck could've predicted that cassettes, fuckin cassettes, would've made a comeback?

But I digress, I work with Dewar PR as in I review the material they send in. For the most part this Canadian promo firm sends in interesting stuff. A lot of it is retro sounding as hell which to an older fuck like myself, who remembers it back when it was still fresh sounding, gets a kick out of. I'm not exactly nostagia driven, oops sorry I actually am. So yeah I like hearing new bands reviving cool sounds from the past and throwing a new coat of paint on it. So here we have a cool comp release with fifteen tracks from various bands who run the gambit on almost all forms of extremism. I'm not gonna go into each band's specific track but just the highlights.

This comp opens with the band ALLFATHER who let loose with some sludgey death groove. It's decent and more like an open door welcome to start things off with as opposed to a tire iron across the face with the greeting of "whatafuck do you want, asshole?" That's been left to Finland's NAPALM TED which follows up some late 80s sounding grindcore. Another cut I'm partial to is "Burn the Temple Down" by North Carolina's own FINAL SIGN. This is straight up 80's metal in the vein of ACCEPT as far as the riffs go and the cut comes from their Hold High the Flame album from a few years ago. Yeah I know, local boys, but hey I can be bias or supportive in that respect. 

Other exceptions are Canadians YETI ON HORSEBACK who pummel their way in with a little over nine minutes of crushing, screaming modern sludgey doom. As far as some cool NWOBHM sounding stuff there's Ontario's FLIDAIS who come off as a more modern sounding ENFORCER. They're a three piece act with a bassist/vocalist who can wail a heavy metal scream. There's plenty of bands on here that are ok but I just gave ya my faves. If this was a battle royal of bands then the ones from Canada win hands down. Damm good compilation.

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