Thursday, April 20, 2017

WOMIT ANGEL - Impaling Force Of Satan review

WOMIT ANGEL - Impaling Force Of Satan

Ketzer Records

Hey this band gets props just for covering a G.G. ALLIN song. Other than that I gotta say this has been one of the fun releases of 2017. Ah this blog is called Scumfeast Metal 666 for a reason. So here we have WOMIT ANGEL hailing from Finland which seems obvious. Where else will you get filthy necro black metal from? But better yet these guys, they're a three piece, add punk/hardcore to the mix. Someone call Hells Headbangers because these guys are right for that label.

Impaling Force Of Satan is WOMIT ANGEL's third full length and the first one for me although now I'll be checking out their early stuff. On here they pull out all stops in order to entice the listener with typical blackened hate and yet hit the tempo of hardcore's past to a hilt. There are few times when I envision a slam pit (that would be a real one and not that push and shove crap) breaking out during a black metal show and this would be it. I just fuckin love it.

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