Wednesday, May 17, 2017

AMPUTATOR - Deathcult Barbric Hell reissue review

AMPUTATOR - Deathcult Barbric Hell reissue

Greyhaze Records

Greyhaze Records always does a great job resurrecting past gems most notably by South American extreme metal bands like SARCOFAGO, THE MIST and of course MUTILATOR. Those latter two I've written about this year. So when I saw this was their latest reissue to see the modern light as well as getting the vinyl repackaging treatment I was kinda surprised. I was also curious how the remastering of it would work out since I have a copy of Deathcult Barbric Hell , albeit second hand.

For the record AMPUTATOR's debut full length from 2007 is not some unheralded classic in US black metal history. On the contrary it's a crude lo fi take on blackened thrash that has a more bestial vent than say other contemporary USBM acts at the time like ABSU or KULT OV AZAZEL. With cuts like "Rape Kill Annihilate", "Complete Butchery", "Sarin Death Vengeance" and a REPULSION cover that would even make those grinders wince, the band was certainly not out to make any friends. 

AMPUTATOR were a two piece act consisting of leader Duncan McVeigh on drums and vocals. The guitars and bass were handled by Justin Flynn. When Deathcult Barbric Hell came out in 2007 the black metal scene was already out of it's third and final wave. From that point on bands were moving in a variety of directions, some within the scene and some without. While there were critics at the time who thumbed their collective noses at any bands that decided to keep the blackened tendencies primal. Fans ignored the critics which is why the band had some underground popularity.

The band would go onto putting out a follow up a few years later,  Intolerance Deathsquads, which in my not so humble opinion is far more brutal as well as bestial. Still it's good to see this first album being given the same treatment as other classic choices the Greyhaze has bestowed upon fans.

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