Tuesday, May 2, 2017



Loud Rage Music

Most of the time when it comes to black metal releases I can easily jot down notes as to my thoughts on particular topics for further lines which I'll include in a review. Not this one because I was mesmerized by these four long tracks for a few days before I even typed a word. According to the promo info ARGUS MEGERE are a misanthropic black metal act. Ah not to these ears because I'd put them clearly in the necro-romantic spectrum.

ARGUS MEGERE hail from Romania, Timisoara to be correct and have been around since 2005 under their present name. This is their fourth full length and supposedly is highly anticipated. Actually I'd call this Romania's black metal answer to ENSLAVED, although there's influence from their fellow countrymen NEGURA BUNGET. The progressive touches are there as well as the symphonic touches. Sickened harsh vocals, and yet some clean ones, cover a mixed landscape of raw blackened fury meeting up with a classical composition. Toss is the proggy as well as symphonic elements and you have ARGUS MEGERE pretty much nailed.

Their selling point on here is the use of extended instrumental passages in the songs. At times you just feel whisked away into pagan Romanian dream state. Throw in the medieval style church choirs and Gregorian chanting it all starts feeling like a velvet shroud covering your body. This is what I wanna hear as far as black metal goes when I come home late from work and just wanna relax.




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