Wednesday, May 17, 2017

AZARATH – In Extremis review

AZARATH – In Extremis 

Agonia Records

When Inferno (aka: Zbigniew Robert Promiński) is not pounding out the skins during his day job as the drummer for BEHEMOTH he takes time off to pursue his hobby with AZARATH. Bias alert, I am a huge fan of AZARATH. Seriously I like both bands he performs with but I like this one better and have since their inception back in 2001 when I heard their debut Demon Seed. I think their 2009 release, Praise the Beast, is one of the best modern death metal releases ever. The follow up to that, 2011's Blasphemers' Maledictions, was just as good and now six years since we finally have a new one.

AZARATH to their credit have a potent death metal formula, punishing Polish brutality. On their last one they added more of a blackened feel. This time around there is some atmosphere squeezed into the overwhelming assault. To start with, Inferno is a militaristic drumming phenomenon. He should be registered as a lethal weapon when he carries drum sticks. Add to that guitarists Bart (aka: Bartłomiej Szudek) and Necrosodom (aka: Marek Lechowski) who also adds his vicious vocal quality to the mayhem. Then there's bassist Piotr Ostrowski who some how holds this explosive experience together.

In Extremis is Latin for "at the point of death" or better yet "under extreme circumstances". Ah yeah since this dink starts out like a berzerker. This release just pushes the level of straight up death metal which Polish bands, who I freak out to, like VADER do so well. Right now this is one of the most intense releases of the year. Period!

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