Saturday, May 6, 2017

BEYOND BELIEF - The Demos 1991 - 1992 review

BEYOND BELIEF - The Demos 1991 - 1992

Terror from Hell Records 

Now while I do consider myself a fan of Dutch death metal this band here has escaped my radar over the decades. I said fan not completest and chances are, unless you grew up in the Netherlands, you don't know em either. As far as history goes BEYOND BELIEF did release two full lengths in their career, Towards the Diabolical Experiment in 1993 and Rave the Abyss in 1995. Interested parties should head over to E-bay. 

The band originally formed in 1986 and finally put something to tape in the form of two demos, Remind the Skull in 1991 and Stranded in 1992. Both of these came out on cassette and once again interested parties should head over to Ebay if you have not done so already. Then again you could just pony up and get this release since it contains the bulk of those rarities.

BEYOND BELIEF are/were basically SABBATH dirge influenced death doom. The promo suggests "for fans of ASPHYX (that's a stretch), SEMPITERNAL DEATHREIGN (another rare Dutch death doom band lost to entiquty), NECRO SCHIZMA (and another rare one), etc. Hey how about mentioning the Swedish elephant in the other room, aka: CANDLEMASS. Yeah in no uncertain terms BEYOND BELIEF, on these demo cuts, sounds like a poor man's CANDLEMASS. They even add some gothic keyboards to a few cuts.

BEYOND BELIEF are definitely a gloomy bunch with A.J. van Drenth demon monster vocals that separates from any epic doom comparisons. But seriously with the riffs alone Leif Edling could sue them for copyright infringement. Then again so could Tony Iomni. Either way if you're curious of the early Dutch death doom scene, and frankly who isn't these days, then you might want this gem. Who knows, it might start a revival next year. Can you say New Wave of Old School Dutch Death Doom?

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