Monday, May 29, 2017

DEMON HEAD - Thunder on the Fields review

DEMON HEAD - Thunder on the Fields

The Sign Records

This sounds like the worst DANZIG album ever and that's a tough one since I never was a fan of his solo stuff. ("Mother"????) Now MISFITS and SAMHAIN hell yeah but metal Danziggy was never my way of enjoyment. I also like when that guy punched em out years back. Which brings me to this Danish act who have a vocalist who does a great job channeling Glen Danzig. Unfortunately the music doesn't do the guy justice.

This is DEMON HEAD second full length and I'm not inclined to check out their early stuff. Basically it's a Danzig sounding vocalist who sings over wannabe 70's era hard rock. I use the term "wannabe" because it's not like I remember it. I mean their tunes are original with a hint of CAPTAIN BEYOND, the second album not the classic first one. Of the seven tracks I had to deal with I'd say the opener "Meenesk├Žderen" was cool as fuck and peeked my interest with a decent rockin cut. Then there's "Hic Svnt Dracones" which is another cool rocker. But that's about it.

Seriously all of these newer Scandinavian bands trying to be 70's hard rock are really not cutting it. You wanna hear some cool Scandinavian hard rockin shit then check out UNION CARBIDE PRODUCTIONS, The HELACOPTERS or THE DEMONS. That's hard fuckin rock. This is not, nor is it doom.

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