Sunday, May 21, 2017

DUEL - Witchbanger review

DUEL - Witchbanger 

Heavy Psych Sounds

Pardon me but whenever I see a band who hails from a certain city and musically is following a trend in metal then the warning light on my bullshit detector flashes. In this band's case it's Austin, Texas but it could just as well been Brooklyn, Atlanta, the Oakland/Frisco area or worse Chapel Hill, NC. What all these cities have in common is that they are well known hipster hovels who have produced bandwagon jumping "acts" (emphasis mine) who see a trend and fly to it like moths to flame. Musically it's all copycat bullshit and don't call me cynical or jaded. I've been watching it for over a dozen years now.

Be that as it is I can say that DUEL are not a bunch of indie rock losers playing to trends. Just a quick glance at the band member's previous endeavors shows their feet are firmly planted in the metal scene. As far as some of the descriptions this Texas four piece has been given, stoner/psych is not one that fits them at all. This band does not sound like Texas psych like the MOVING SIDEWALKS, THE 13TH FLOOR ELEVATORS, JOSEFUS or any bands off of some compilations I got like HIGHS IN THE MID 60's - Vol 13 and Acid Visions. Although I do highly recommend checking all of that stuff out if you really wanna know what real psych sounds like.

On this their second full length the band is pure 70's hard rock. You've got hints of Southern Rock boogie, twin guitar swagger ala early AEROSMITH, some guitar lead work (and riffs) not far from what you would've heard on some BACHMAN TURNER OVERDRIVE albums, MONTROSE, as well as anything by Leslie West, toss in some BLUE OYSTER CULT and a minuscule of late 80's doom. There you have it and you know what it sounds pretty damm good. As far as all of these bands of late remaking the 70's blues rock sound for modern listeners I say DUEL is probably the best. I should know since I grew up with that music. 

Witchbanger is eight perfect tracks, ah yeah and that's not me speaking hyperbole. There's no blatant over used SABBATH or SAINT VITUS worship going on here as if we need anymore. No this is plain old hard fuckin rock from devotees of the 70's era.

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