Wednesday, May 10, 2017

EPI-DEMIC - Malformed Conscience review

EPI-DEMIC - Malformed Conscience

Horror Pain Gore Productions 

Holy shit it's 1987 again? This sounds a like band I could've seen back in a club then and probably was in the pit while they blasted away. Ya know there's a lot of speed metal/crossover/metalish hardcore revivalism going on these days. So from the perspective of someone WHO WAS ACTUALLY AROUND BACK THEN I can say with experience that there's authenticity and some bullshit in this latest extreme music revival. Now as far as this Canadian act goes, whether it's by design or coincidence I will say yeah this is authentic.

I could take this release to a party and tell people it was some old Canadian band from the late 80s and people would believe it. EPI-DEMIC are most likely not waxing nostalgia for the sake of it. But fuck it I will. The more I listen to Malformed Conscience the more I think of a hardcore band from the 80s who had just heard SLAYER and decided to go with it. To me that's a cool thing. I will also say EPI-DEMIC could have easily fit on this old compilation LP I got back in the day, Them Boners Be Poppin from Boner Records.

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