Wednesday, May 10, 2017

INSANIA 11 - Di sangue e di luce review

INSANIA 11 - Di sangue e di luce


Normally I really don't use the SFM666 Facebook page for much. I'll post a few updates from the blog but that's about it. Sometimes I'll get messages from bands to review stuff. Most of the time it's weird requests from organizations. A recent one came from some organization that told me for five hundred bucks I (actually the blog) could add my name to their list of Facebook pages in the fight against testicular cancer. Five Hundred Bucks? Hell why dontcha ask for a nut?

Be that as it may yeah I also get requests from bands wanting a review. With those I look for certain words in their descriptions which determines if I'll be interested or not. When this band sent in a request I saw they were from Italy and that clearly peaked my interest. Now to a lay person (or hipster) if you ask em about Italian metal they'll answer "ah Goth, Doom and LACUNA COIL. Of course that's minus the help of an internet inquiry. But for people really into it then they know that for a little over a decade now Italy has had a huge surge in extreme metal acts be they of black metal, death metal, thrash and grind or a combination of any of those. And that's where this band comes in.

The best way I can describe INSANIA 11 as far as their sound goes is slightly technical death thrash with a vocalist who sounds like Big Boss from ROOT. Seriously aside from the basic ripping riffs it was the vocals, sung in Italian, that hooked me in. Vocalist/guitarist Saamang just sounds so cryptic and foreboding that he could just as well be singing about puppies and unicorns and it would still give you pause. The release itself is a five song EP with compositions that don't rip your face off or give you an attention deficit disorder headache. Instead what Saamang and second guitarist Ethrum (they are a two piece act) are doing is drawing you in with intricate song structures that bring about a uneasy dreamscape effect. Think demos of Robert Fripp doing a tech death solo album.

Di sangue e di luce had the unfortunate position of being originally released two days prior to the new year so technically it's a 2016 release but in the long run who cares. Also it might be INSANIA 11's debut release but there's more to that. Originally this act started over two decades ago under the name INSANIA but only released a demo in the 90s. Hey it's never too late to start all over again.

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