Wednesday, May 17, 2017

IRON BASTARDS - Fast & Dangerous review

IRON BASTARDS - Fast & Dangerous

FDA Records

So have you played out all of your MOTORHEAD releases since Lemmy's passing but are pining for more? Well this French three piece has your number. Bassist/vocalist David Bour has the liquer drenched vocal snarl of Lemmy. Guitarist David Semler's riffs and soloing brings back memories of Fast Eddie Clark and Anthony Meyer is a pounding maniac just like Filthy Animal Taylor on drums.

Let's be honest here, there will never be another MOTORHEAD nor do we need a successor. But when a band ceases to exist it's not that wrong to have some youngins come out to pay homage as well as write some cool rockin songs to boot. That's what I like about the IRON BASTARDS. This could just as well be a long lost album by Lemmy and co. There's eleven tracks with a good mix of fast rockers and slower bluesy tunes. If you like classic MOTORHEAD then you will love this. If you love MOTORHEAD and can't bare the thought of a band sounding like them, oh well.

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