Tuesday, May 2, 2017

KATHAROS XIII - Negativity review

KATHAROS XIII - Negativity

Loud Rage Music

OK so you're a depressive suicidal black metal act from Romania and your full-length is titled Negativity. So should I continue or what? I mean with all of that said already then technically I could just skip over to another task. You got the gist of it all. I guess not because I must review this seven cut release. Honestly I'm not fond of reviewing/listening to depressive suicidal black metal because I drink, I have had a tough life and I own firearms. 

You know that saying "if life gives you lemons than make lemonade"? That's a load of shit. Life never gave me lemons. Life has given me anger issues, anxiety, a love of alcohol and a hatred for stupid people but no lemons. Be that as it may Negativity is the second full length from KATHAROS XIII who have been around since 2007. They started out putting just short format releases up until 2011 when they released their debut full length Dead Emotions. Six years later we now have a follow up. That might be something to be depressed about but I digress.

I don't see Negativity as depressive sounding nor suicidal although lyrically they are in a bad mood. Musically there's plenty of sonic charged tremolo riff-age along with slower doom runs which have synths as a backdrop to add atmospheric touches. Vocalist F, who also supplies guitar and those synths, does have a harsh sorrowful approach to his delivery. A song like "No One Left to Lead the Way" is more doom than anything else. 

Then there's "The Chains are So Beautiful", a lovely ode to rape and kill fantasies which starts out Gothic with an acoustic strummed rhythm until the crescendo hits then the cut cruises into melancholy. Actually it's a sick track but I like it especially the closing tremolo picked lead work at the end which kinda reminded me of Romanian folk music. "I Die Everytime I Walk This Path" also follows in that quiet, soothing goth style with a nice strummed lead up till the crushing riffs commence.

I think Negativity is a decent release but not on it's promo info merits. There's just so many hidden melancholy moments in all the darkness that actually show sparks of light which is cool. This is late night mood music for me. The kind of sounds that are not psych but have a way to free your mind from pain and let you relax. If that's what KATHAROS XIII were shooting for then they nailed it. This is more blackened doom to put you into that comfort zone. 




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