Thursday, May 4, 2017

LUNAR SHADOW - Far From Light review

LUNAR SHADOW - Far From Light

Cruz del Sur

I'm from that generation that grew up with 70's hard rock and watched as it evolved into heavy metal and then finally metal in the 80s. Sure I love almost all that followed which I deem extreme music but ya know every once in a while I need to go back to the classics. So whenever I hear a new band influenced by the music of my generation I take notice. I can handle a band that is basically a carbon copy of the past for a short while at least. But honestly I do try to find that diamond in the rough which is a modern band that takes their own creativeness and attaches it to an influence of the past. 

Enter LUNAR SHADOW from Germany who, on this their debut full length, take nwobhm and power metal influences of the past and make em sound fresh and exciting. Far From Light consists of eight tracks with all but one over the six minute mark in epicness. Yes these are well constructed compositions consisting of various acoustic parts, twin guitar Maiden-esque harmony leads, tremolo picked runs plus a vocalist with a versatile range as well as melodic vocal quality.

I won't say every track on here is a winner in my book. The acoustic laden-ed "Gone Astray" tends to get boring after three minutes. Same with most of the acoustic passages on here. But I will say the biggest surprise is when the band taps some blackened death runs, "The Kraken", for minor moments. The bottom line is that every year there seems to be a band of this style which is the stand out of the year. So far as 2017 goes LUNAR SHADOW is the one.

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