Sunday, May 21, 2017

MARVEL - The Hills Have Eyes review

MARVEL - The Hills Have Eyes

The Sign Records

Holy shit, I feel like I've just gone back in time. It's 1980, I'm sitting in my bedroom listening to WZZO radio and they're debuting some new band which will be followed by a block consisting of BLUE OYSTER CULT, THIN LIZZY and APRIL WINE. OK I'm not having a flashback from some of the drugs that could still be lurking in my system. No actually this is a Swedish band which has their own flashback problems.

According to the promo material Marvel was formed in 2002 by three Swedish exchange students living in Colorado at that time. So like good kids determined to make the best of their foreign experience they decided to skip school, drink beer and play old school influenced hard rock/ early metal. Welcome to the horrible influence of a democracy. Be that as it may this trio actually recorded some material back then before they headed back home to Sweden.

This is the part where I'm lost. Are these new or old recordings? I don't know but I'm hedging towards newer material. Remember the before mentioned bands? Yeah that's what MARVEL have a close sound to and there's some cowbell on the pop oriented and old school radio friendly "Goodbye Shalom". But the highlight on this six song release is their cover of WASP's "LOVE Machine". Actually the video of it is the winner, which was animated by Alfred Lindahl with photo by David Einar and Johnny Lindahl. You can check it out here:

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