Saturday, May 6, 2017

NECROMUTILATOR - Ripping Blasphemy review

NECROMUTILATOR - Ripping Blasphemy

Terror from Hell Records

Usually the truly extreme bestial blackened necro stuff comes to us from places like Finland or somewhere in South America so this was a surprise. NECROMUTILATOR (gotta love that name) hails from Italy although after listening to this over the course of a couple of weeks I kinda see them coming from some burning pit. The band is a three piece that actually got started back in 2009. Prior to this the band has released a full length, Eucharistic Mutilations, in 2014. They also put out a demo in 2011.

Ripping Blasphemy is just a four song EP but when it comes to this type of music a little goes a long way. Musically this bands stroll down the left hand path takes a direct raw blackened death route with hints at the thrash side of evil. Think SARCOFAGO on speed for an example. Hey what's not to love when you have songs like "Unholy Semen of Doom", growled throat cancer vocals and completely low fi riff attack with drumming that's a war like assault. Pardon the pun but Hell Yeah.

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