Sunday, May 21, 2017

NEKROKRAFT - Will o' Wisp review

NEKROKRAFT - Will o' Wisp 

The Sign Records

Music Deja Vu, that's when you are listening to a new release and swear that you've heard it all before. I know that can be said about a lot of releases especially if you write about new music like I do. Will o' Wisp is the debut full length by Sweden's NECROKRAFT. Musically the band puts forth a classic melodic black metal sound somewhere inbetween DISSECTION and DARK FUNERAL. Although I wouldn't tie them directly to either of those acts. NECROKRAFT do incorporate some keyboards plus the guitar melodies are harsh with thrashy song structures but not overwhelming in the blastbeat dept.

Still I had this feeling that there was something similar going on. The band started out in 2012 by guitarist Doc (aka: Timmy Rustan) and vocalist Angst (aka: Angus Norder). Angst also is the newest singer for WITCHERY. Over that time they produced a few short format releases prior to this full length. If you wanna hear those then check out their bandcamp page at the following link:

This release is tight and fast with only seven cuts, yeah that's thrashy. Another thing I noticed is that it was mastered at the famous Necromorbus Studio in Stockholm. That might be what I'm thinking of as far as deja vu since many a blackened metal act (and every Swedish DM act of note) has passed through their doors. This release does have an old school second wave black metal feel to it. More like a newly discovered recording than a new band trying to copy the past. Will o´ Wisp is a decent release but I think their next one, hopefully, will be a milestone in that a new band that puts that evil grim grin back on your face because they remind ya of the past without being retro.

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