Wednesday, May 10, 2017

NERVOCHAOS - Nyctophilia review

NERVOCHAOS - Nyctophilia

Greyhaze Records/Cogumelo Records 

NERVOCHAOS are not a household name amongst death metal fanatics here in the states unless you are a consumer of Brazilian death metal. Hey I have a nice collection of releases from extreme metal bands down there, mostly KRISIUN of course, but this band has escaped my attention for years up until their 2014 release The Art Of Vengeance. Actually that's kinda fucked up considering NERVOCHAOS have been around for ever, well their debut full length Pay Back Time came out in 1998.

Since that time they've piled up a nice catalog of releases with six full lengths, this being their seventh. Add to that a few splits, a compilation album (2 DVDs plus a CD) 17 Years of Chaos MCMXCVI which came out on Cogumelo Records in 2013. And they've got a box set out as well. The Art Of Vengeance was a perfect old school sound death metal release. So now we have a follow up in Nyctophilia and it continues the brutal assault with some twists and change-ups.

NERVOCHAOS will always be the vehicle of drummer and only original member Eduardo Lane. Over two decades now he has kept the band going through various line-up changes. As of now it's Eduardo on drums with previous bass player Thiago Anduscias plus newcomers Cherry on guitar as well as some background screams and Lauro Nightrealm on guitar and vocals. One thing you notice about this band's sound/style is that there's not much of an outside influence going on. They're basically keeping in the spectrum of Brazilian extreme metal. If I had to name drop then think early primal SEPULTURA, MUTILATOR and latter era SARCOFAGO. 

Basically you get a full assault of blackened death thrash with one out of left field surprise. " Ad Majorem Satanae Gloriam" is pretty much a straight up metal headbanging rocker of a cut. Check out the video for it. 

The rest of the tracks, thirteen in total, contain a brutal atmosphere that keeps this release in check and a decent listen.

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