Sunday, May 21, 2017

NUNSLAUGHTER - The Devil's Congeries Vol. 2 review

NUNSLAUGHTER - The Devil's Congeries Vol. 2

Hells Headbangers Records

You know it's a fuckin holiday when a new NUNSLAUGHTER comes out. Well actually this ain't new but it is special. If you are a NUNSLAUGHTER fan, and frankly who isn't, then you know that over their career they've released a ton of material most of which in small format releases (aka: EPs and Split releases). I am a fan and a collector but mostly of their full length releases. I have a few EPs as well but to those of us fans we know collecting every little release by this band can be an expensive endeavor. 

Thankfully a few years back, 2013 actually, Hells Headbangers Records released The Devil's Congeries Vol. 1 a double album which was basically a compilation (yeah another NUNSLAUGHTER comp.) that contained all the songs from thirteen NUNSLAUGHTER 7" EPs. The promise by the label was that this was just the first of many more such comps that would compile every one of the band's short form releases. And now we have Volume 2, another double album (or if you prefer a DOUBLE CD package).

Just to get it out of the way the second album contains the Hell on Holland 7"er and the Hell on Austria LP. But of course the first LP has the meat. I'm just gonna mention things out of order but of significance to me. Ya got the band's The Supreme Beast 7"er from 2004. This is a cool one because one of the four songs on it is a BLACK TASK cover "Kill Your Enemies". A great fuckin song by a filthy sounding thrash band from Philly in the mid-80s. Quick look em up you hiptard cocksuckers. 

Other NUNSLAUGHTER 7"ers on here are The Bog People and Cerebus, both fairly known and easy to find. The big surprise was seeing the Tasting the Blood of Your Savior 7"er tacked on. That's a rare and raw one. As far as songs from splits there's the three songs from the split they did with DERKETA in 1999. That release is probably the biggest seller DERKETA ever had. Jim Sadist (RIP) was also their drummer at the time. 

Other cool stuff, there's the three cuts from the split they did with GRAND BELIALS KEY, which went by the title Satan Is Metal's Master / Sperm of the Antichrist. The band covers VENOM's "Hellchild". Also you get the songs from the splits they did with DR. SHRINKER, CIANIDE, NOCTURNAL and CENTINEX which are also not too obscure releases. But the bottom line here is that this release is for fans. ALL HAIL DEVIL METAL! Nuff Said.

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