Sunday, May 21, 2017

RAGANA - You Take Nothing review

RAGANA - You Take Nothing

Self Released

Ya know when it comes to writing about bands I kinda stay away from personal politics unless it is those specifics which is part and parcel of the band's definition musically. Case in point here we have a band who are self described anarcho feminists. (I learned that from an interview) Think riot girl goes black metal as well as doom, screamo, neo-folk and sludge.

At first I am thinking this band is very metaphorical instead of in your face mainly because their opening cut, "Spare No Man", comes over as a depressive yet maniac screamed blackened outrage. This two piece female outfit comes from Oakland, California so pardon me if I don't profile em. I can only think of one band from there, HAMMERLOCK, who are not flaming leftists. Although RAGANA originally started out in Olympia, Washington which makes a lot of sense from their borrowing of WOLVES IN THE THRONE ROOM on some songs or the obvious nod to NIRVANA on the title cut.

Sticking with the music this release, they've got a few out, falls in with the whole gloomy depressive black metal sect. The majority of the vocals are wails of harpies while they do toss in some clean vocals whether it's yelling or tenderly spoken verses. Of the six songs on here the band does show their limitations of being a two piece (guitar and drums) with mediocre song structuring. "To Leave" and "Winter's Light" are probably their best efforts obviously since the tremolo picked blackened riffs came from WITTR.

The only surprise about You Take Nothing is the sound quality. It's not some polished diamond but then again it's far from a lo-fi recorded effort. For a band that believes in the total destruction of capitalism and is right now on a extensive European tour. These are not some piss poor leftists who will be living off of lentils and ramen noodles as they trek from Paris, London and Vienna just to name a few tourism spots. Don't bump into any refugee hordes. Ironically enough they left Istanbul as their final destination for a performance. Yeah you'll be a big hit in an Islamic country.

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