Thursday, May 4, 2017

SIGIL - Kingdom Of The Grave review

SIGIL - Kingdom Of The Grave

Horror Pain Gore Death Productions

To paraphrase the promo info on this band, they blend old school death metal with D-beat sounds. Well I wouldn't pigeon hole them in that defining way. This is the debut full length by SIGIL a band that hails from Austin, Texas. While the death metal sound is obvious with an OBITUARY overtone and as far as the D-beat goes theirs more of a DISFEAR influence than DISCHARGE. The band also adds much more to the cannon.
Aside from what I previously mentioned, the band also ventures into death thrash territory like on "Summoning Hate", "Strange Aeons" or the title track. Three great ragers in the vein of GOATWHORE. They also pump out the death groove on "Like the Blade" which seems like a perfect song to get a crowd to pit too. 

All in all this is a great debut release of American metal. Ya got your slam pit inducing chugging riffs, the guitar soloing is fast and tight with no noodling around and the vocals have that sandpaper roughness to them. This took a few listens to fully get into it ya know because I am jaded and all. Hopefully these Texans will get more attention for putting out a standout release for 2017.

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