Wednesday, May 17, 2017



Self Released

Well this came out in December 2016 but hey they're from Charlotte, North Carolina and so far this month I've passed on reviewing two releases from some NC bands. One was an average sounding one man bedroom black metal act and the other were some hipsters playing third rate sludge metal. This five piece act is no where near those previously mentioned artists and they actually sound fuckin cool.

VIOLENT LIFE VIOLENT DEATH are a hardcore band but more in the good 90's vein of the genre. Plus they've got a decent metal touch to their sound. On their Metal Archives page they're described as metalcore. Well not by what my perception of metalcore at least. When I think of that genre I think of bands from Chicago, Boston, NYC and a cat's dirty litter box. When I listen to this band's EP I hear some thrashy groove riffs, straight up hardcore riffage, on the last cut "Sharp Suits" they get close to grind. 

Aside from musically having an enjoyable release their singer has that raspy raptor, acid tinged vocal chord delivery. The guy could do black metal just as well. But on these five songs he does have that angst and I hate you attitude which is all hardcore. With that said ya know I've been passing up a lot of hardcore (?) releases coming in for review because they all sound pathetic. This one ain't in fact this just grabs you by the head and screams in your fuckin face. This band needs your attention.

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