Friday, June 2, 2017

BURNING SHADOWS - Truth in Legend review

BURNING SHADOWS - Truth in Legend

Self Released

Alright I must admit that I'm not a power metal fan especially the epic stuff. Years ago, back in the past SFM666 days, some obscure German label sent in a release by a just as obscure power metal act. I gave it a decent review and then the floodgates were open. The next thing ya know I was getting flooded with power metal releases. So when I re-booted SFM666 I promised myself I would refrain from accepting everything sent in especially power metal and especially the epic stuff. But hey if you're a Maryland band who have been likened to the likes of ICED EARTH, HELLOWEEN and BLIND GUARDIAN then how can ya refuse.

This is BURNING SHADOWS, a band who have been around for seventeen years, have three full lengths and a bunch of EPs to their credit and they're still not signed to a label. Musically they have all the chops that make for a great band in this genre. Those being for starters a great vocalist which they have in Tom Davy who has that real guy full throat-ed vocal style. Secondly ya need guitar playing that can carry out catchy but crunchy riffs as well as some powerful lead work. On this release that is all evident especially when the band breaks into galloping riffage. Oh yeah and third, it must all come together as interesting. 

On Truth in Legend the band carries you through with eight tales that speak of fantasy as well as history. That's pretty much all you want from a good power metal band as well as everything I previously mentioned. BURNING SHADOWS are keeping it true.

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