Saturday, June 24, 2017

CRAVEN IDOL - The Shackles of Mammon review

CRAVEN IDOL - The Shackles of Mammon

Dark Descent Records

A few years ago, well actually more than that, this band came out with an incredible blistering debut EP of blackened thrash. The damm thing had enough twisting chord progressions and sharp leads to knock the fuck out of ya. Also existent were the interludes in blackened death which swepted in. Seriously that release to this date still blows away most of the present day stuff from that genre. 

Unfortunately I never kept up with the band because in 2013 they came out with their debut full length and now here's their second one. Sound wise there's definitely been changes. At times these Brits almost come off with the sound and fury of old DECEASED, especially on the second cut "A Ripping Strike". Guitarist/vocalist S. Vrath does sound similar to King Fowley and drummer Jesel Gohil does do the frantic pounding well. The band are still blackened thrash to the hilt but have plenty of death tone to em as well as straight up metal like on "The Trudge".

The latter half of the release kinda peter's out but that's only because the first part is so bludgeoning. That's why I liked their EP so much. Knock you out quickly. Suffice to say England has a great history of extreme metal but I think it's about time fans let go of the past greats who are still lingering on and give the new extreme a chance.

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