Friday, June 2, 2017

DEATH OF KINGS - Hell Comes to Life review

DEATH OF KINGS - Hell Comes to Life  

Boris Records 

OK two points I have to make the first is I can't believe I'm writing about two song 7"ers again. The second point is that I can't believe I'm actually going to say something nice about a band from Atlanta. Of course this four piece band from there are an exception to those previous points. DEATH OF KINGS are a thrash band which is the complete opposite of the typical sludge metal I've heard come out of their town which probably overshadows what else their local music scene has to offer.

But yeah this is a single, "Hell Comes to Life" with the flip being a JUDAS PRIEST cover "Hell Patrol" from the Painkiller album. No surprise on the choice of a PRIEST cover since that was a thrashy album. As far as the original cut on here DEATH OF KINGS do push the old school thrash theme well. Think more Bay Area thrash sounding than say the East Coast. When the song opens it has a SLAYER - esque riff feel plus their vocalist gives off a Tom Araya type scream but other than that it's pretty indistinguishable from most famous thrash acts of the past. Great guitar soloing by the way which is a face ripper. Vocals basically have that high pitch aggro touch.

This is the band's second single but they have a few more small format releases to their credit. Of course there's word that they'll have a full length out later this year. That's something to look forward to.

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